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There are lots of reasons to use less space. You may be trying to live green and use as little space and resources as possible, you may like your location and not want to move, you may not be able to afford an addition or a move.

Whatever the reason, we strive to help you in your quest to live better in less space.

In late 2011, I added a small bathroom to my house. It was quite an interesting design and fit in less than 7.5 square feet. I can already hear you saying "that's impossible". Well, yes, when the bathroom is being a bathroom, it's 12.5 square feet, but a hallway runs right through the middle and I subtracted that to get your attention.

My project also included building a murphy bed to add a spare bedroom in my dining room.

As I told people about the project, they seemed geniunely interested, not just a quick "wow, that's neat" in passing. So, I decided to write a book on the bathroom which you can find under the bathroom menu.

I also will be adding space-saving furniture in the coming months. A friend may add a section about gardening for a family of 4 on a small, city plot.

And, of course, I welcome your ideas. There may be additions to this website that I haven't even thought of yet. Please send your suggestions/ideas to us at

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