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Late in 2011, I added a bathroom to my house.

That probably doesn't seem to warrant a web page to you, but the bathroom I added had a toilet, sink and shower in a 2.5 ft. x 5 ft. space, is comfortable to be in, and has a hallway through the middle!

When I showed people pictures or the actual bathroom, they were amazed at the design.

In the process of looking for fixtures that would allow me to even make a bathroom that small and efficient, I learned a lot and decided to share it in an e-book.

To the right are pictures of the bathroom that got it all started.

It is a 3/4 bathroom (Toilet, Sink, Shower) in a space only 30" wide by 60" long.

And, to make it even more interesting, it has a 28" hallway right through the middle!

Full details on this bathroom, other possible layouts, and fixtures that make it all possible are included in my e-book, I Can Put a Second Bathroom Where?

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